Software Manual
MultiLETS Manager
Version 1, Release 3

by Stephen DeMeulenaere, 1994 (not to imply ownership but authorship)
Questions about this manual should be directed to me.

Questions about software should be directed to its designer,
Michael Linton at


MultiLETS is a database program capable of managing accounts and notices for a multiplicity of systems. It is structured to operate using a minimum of space and to connect with other LETS, database, wordprocessing and desktop publishing software. Nlets 0.43L, Microsoft Word and Aldus Pagemaker 4 are the recommended relational programs.

MultiLETS is designed to be run on a high-end IBM 386 or better, preferably a 486 with 4mb RAM.

MultiLETS is separated into three programs. Mlets handles the accounting and systems functions. Mnotices handles the notices database for Offers & Requests. MultiLETS Exchange transforms the files from the database (.dat) to the comma-delimited ascii text format. This manual will handle the three programs in order, and will use additional programs where necessary. F1 provides a help form for most screens.

A note about printing. In the Utilities menu, select printer setup and make sure the code in the blank spaces is 15, 32, 32, 32, 32 ..., this will ensure that statements are printed for an A4 letter page.

Lastly, use this program at your own risk. It requires some degree of knowledge about an older era in computer programming. Make backups every time new information is added. Before using, always update the database by "rebuilding indexes" in the Utilities menu.

MultiLETS Manager

Main Menu

1) Acknowledgements
2) Accounts
3) Systems
4) Period End
5) Utilities
6) Exit Program

1. Acknowledgements

Acknowledgements are transactions between account holders. Hit return upon entry and a blank transaction form will be presented. As transactions are entered they will be listed above the transaction form. When completed press F10 to post the acknowledgement stack to the journal which updates the account ledgers.

2. Accounts

Insert Key adds a new account form
To add a System Ledger to an account, press Alt-L
To check an account balance, press Alt-T
F10 Accounts list, Mailing Labels, Statements

3. Systems

Press the Insert Key to add a new LETSystem.

Everyone will have an account in the Registry, and certain people will have accounts in the sub-systems. Refer to the LETSystem Design Manual for information about Registries and LETSystem Development.

When acknowledgements are recorded, typing the system name will file the transaction to the ledger for that system.

Press F10 to print a System Ledger, which is best done immediately before a Period End, so that the Ledger presents a full system diagnostic.

4. Period End

Internal Charges are calculated and then applied by the Trustee or Administrator of the Registry.

Print the statements and rename the ackstack.dat as a dated and zipped file as a record for that period. ie. rename ackstack.dat 98-07-10.dat, then use pkzip to compress

Close Off the Period.

5. Utilities

Rebuild Indexes before and after your work to ensure that the databases are properly configured. The other options aren't worth using, it would be better to do your own backup, and to restore data using multilets exchange.

MultiLETS Notices Manager

1) Update Notices
2) Export Notices
3) Update Categories
4) List Expired Notices
5) Exit

1) Update Notices

Pressing return on an empty account field will bring up a list of available accounts. To "pull" an account from Mlets, press the Insert key and input the account identifier. The notice can then be inputted.

2) Export Notices

Notices can be exported by category number or name, and are exported as mixed offers and requests. Nlets and the Notices program of LETSreg can group offers and requests together under the subject heading. Import the category.exp file into word and do a search/replace to change the - to O/R. Then import into Pagemaker to columnize it properly.

3) Update Categories

It is possible to acquire an extensive category list of subjects, or to build your own as new Offers and Requests are placed by account holders. Press Insert to bring up a new category field.

4) List Expired Notices

If you entered an end date on the notice, it will come up as expired and you can then inform the account holder. Unlike Nlets, this cannot be automatically added onto the statement of account.

MultiLETS Exchange Utility

mlxchg.exe is the program name for the exchange utility.

1) Unload Database
2) Load Database
3) Export Database
4) Import Database

1. Unload Database

This exports all .dat files into a comma-delimited ascii text form with the tag .exp for use in word processors and desktop publishing programs.

2. Load Database

Saves the current .dat files into an "oldata" directory and imports all .exp files as new data.

3. & 4. Export and Import Database

You may choose to Import or Export selected elements of the database using these options.

*** End ***