How to Start an RGT Exchange Club

Heloisa Primavera,
Argentina Red Global de Trueque,
Purpose: To introduce the concept and mechanism of the RGT.

Materials: Photocopied tokens.


1. First meeting: there must be a minimum of 20 persons.

2. Using the bulletin board or going around in a circle, each person says 3 things they would offer if they joined, and one thing they need.

3. Using virtual (photocopied creditos), they go to the person who offers what they want and make a sample negotiation in creditos.

4. Discussion of the program. People are asked to bring goods to trade, or be prepared to negotiate services at the next meeting.

5. At the second meeting, the group is organized. They choose the coordinator, secretary, treasurer, timekeeper, moderator, quality control group (3-4), Price Control Group. Choose receptionist who receives and assists new members, 2-3 for each role to rotate during the market.

6. This groups receives 50 credits each to begin trading. All subsequent members must wait 3 months before they receive theirs. They agree on the next date of the market.

7. The trading begins. During the first market, the coordinators put up the tables, and ensure that particular types of products are concentrated in groups

8. There is some analysis of activity that occurs in the market, by using notes that have blocks on the back that are filled in after each sale.