Margrit Kennedy: Interest and Inflation Free Money 
(Published by Seva International; ISBN 0-9643025-0-0;
Copyright 1995 by Margrit Kennedy)


 List of Figures 7
 Author's Acknowledgements 9
 Publisher's Note 11
 Introduction 13 

1. Four Basic Misconceptions About Money 15 
...First Misconception: There Is Only One Type of Growth 18
...Second Misconception: We Pay Interest Only If We Borrow Money 24
...Third Misconception: In the Present Monetary System 
                          We Are All Equally Affected by Interest 25
...Fourth Misconception: Inflation Is an Integral Part of Free Market Economies 29

2. Creating Interest and Inflation Free Money 33 
...Replacement of Interest By a Circulation Fee 36
...The First Model Experiments 38
...The Need for Land Reform 43
...The Need for Tax Reform 47

3. Who Would Profit from a New Monetary System? 49 
...The Advantages In General 53
...Flaws In the Monetary System S4
...Advantages for the Region or Country Which Introduces These Changes First 61
...The Rich 63
...The Poor 69
...The Churches and Spiritual Groups 75
...Business and Industry 76
...Farmers 79
...Ecologists and Artists 81
...Women 84

4. Some Lessons from History 87 
...Brakteaten Money in Medieval Europe 90
...The Weimar Republic and the Gold Standard 91

5. Monetary Reform in the Context of Global Transformation:
   An Example of How to Make the Change 95 
...Replacing Revolution With Evolution 98
...A Possible Solution for the Near Future 101
...The Parking Fee Creates a Neutral Money System 102

6. What Can I Do to Help in the Transition Period? 105 
...Be Informed, Increase the Awareness of Others 107
...Sponsor Model Experiments 109
...Start a Local Exchange Trading System 110
...Support Ethical Investment 111

7. Practical Cases Today: Embryos of a New Economy 113 
...The LET System 116
...The WIR Network and Similar Associations 120
...The J.A.K. Cooperative Banks in Sweden 122
...Advantages and Disadvantages of Alternative Money and Credit Systems 124
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.Useful Addresses l35
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.Index 139